Plano Private School Girls

On Saturday, Jake and I took Shepherd for a walk at the nature preserve. Now if you live in West Plano and it is a nice Saturday afternoon, the preserve is pretty much the place to be. The preserve is a most excellent place for people watching.

It is at the preserve that one can see Plano folk in all their glory, riding $2k bikes wearing full bike gear looking like Lance Armstrong – on flat paved trails. You can also see families taking walks together, moms with their babies in strollers, and the occasional serious walker wearing his or her (or both I’ve seen his and hers) Columbia hat with a walking stick from REI. Again flat paved trails.

This day I saw something new. Jake and I were strolling Shep along having a great conversation when we saw a spot to let Shep out to feel the grass and touch some rocks. As we were sitting there taking cute photos like this –

Isn\'t he cute?     

some high school girls walked by with a bug net catcher thing. I asked them if they were doing a bug project for school; they were. Now remember we are in Plano, so these girls were wearing cute clothes, had makeup on and their blonde hair was fixed. As they walked past us, a tupperware containing a bug fell out of the Neiman Marcus shopping bag one girl was using to carry her bugs. Neiman Marcus bag? Yes indeed. I looked at the other girls. One of them was using a Coach shopping bag to carry her bugs.  Oh Plano.

The way I see it, this particular situation could have two possible explanations. The first is that being Plano private school girls, they felt they had some sort of rich girl image always to be maintained and when searching for a bag in which to carry their bugs they made sure its origin was some sort of flashy name brand store.  I think if we were being honest, we would admit that we have all done this in some way.  Don’t tell me that you have never gone to your shopping bag supply to give someone a bag for the clothes you’re giving them and selected the one you thought would say something good about yourself.  It could be anything from giving your health conscious friend something in the Whole Foods bag even though you shop at Wal-Mart to giving your snobby rich friend something in the bag from Saks Fifth Avenue that you only have because someone gave you something in it with the same intention.  But you know you’ve done it.

When I was in high school, I had an Abercrombie and Fitch stage.  I had to buy something from Abercrombie every time I went to the mall even if it was something small just so I could be seen walking around the mall with the bag.  I would put other less socially acceptable bags from other stores inside the Abercrombie bag while I was walking around the mall.  Don’t sit there and mock me like you didn’t do the same thing.

Back to my theories.  The trying to present an image thing is one possible explanation of the bug girls’ bags.  The second possible explanation is that being from rich Plano families, those really were the only types of bags they had laying around their houses.  This is how we were all trying to appear when we secretly made our bag selection trying to impress someone else.  Like we do all our shopping at Whole Foods, or Pottery Barn, or Banana Republic or Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus.

Have you ever gone into Neimans at Willow Bend?  The ladies that work there greet customers by name and ask about their mothers.  Then they tell them to hold on while they go pull out the ‘pieces’ (clothing that costs more than $100 are referred to as ‘pieces’) they pulled for them because they ‘looked like you.’  I was in there once trying to be inconspicuous (not difficult, the salespeople look at me with this ‘What are you doing here expression) when I overheard a woman telling her sales lady in a bored tone of voice that she had this ‘thing’ to go to with her husband that weekend and she just needed to ‘pick something up’ to wear.  In case you were not aware, you generally do not ‘pick something up’ at Neiman Marcus for less than $300.  But there are people who truly do all of their shopping at there.

I will freely admit that I am not one of those people.


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  1. hi beth! i love it! i am so glad you did this cause I love reading blogs and you write yours so well! this post was hilarious! so plano! =) and yes i did the whole bag thing too..had to hide the bags from the un-cool places in case you saw someone you knew who might think you are less cool then you are! Fun times!

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