Fridays and Trench Coats

Today has been a blah day, just trying to get some work done.  I don’t feel like I got that much done cause I’m waiting on so many advertisers to get back with me but oh well.  I’m really glad that it’s the weekend even though I’ll probably work tomorrow as well.  Tonight I’m going out with Kate to celebrate her really truly last day of school and college.  She has wrapped up her student teaching and yesterday signed with a school for next year – yaaaay!

I’ll give you a brief story that happened this week, but I’m warning you it’s really not that spectacular.

About two years ago I received a full length Burberry trench coat from the estate of a sweet lady who was going into a nursing home.  It was probably purchased in the 80’s and it had some stains on it, but you don’t pass up a free Burberry trench coat!  Burberry trenches are like mucho expensive, so anytime I wear it, I always feel a little strange like I want to have a sign over my head that says, “I don’t really spend $1200 on coats, I buy shoes at Payless!!”  

Well anyway, like I said I’ve had it for a while.  I’ve also never been big into dry cleaning.  In fact the first time I ever took something to be dry cleaned was in January of this year!  I just purposefully didn’t by dry clean only items – or the ones that I had just never get cleaned.  Gross, yes.  It’s ok, I’m not ashamed.  So needless to say I have been putting off taking this coat to get cleaned.  

This week it was finally time.  I had to take a dress in so I decided to bring the coat as well.  I showed the lady the stain on my dress and then showed her to stains on the trench.  Now remember I received the coat with stains on it two years ago and who knows how long they had been there before that.  So I really wasn’t fully expecting to get this thing back looking like new.  She was looking at the stains with a concerned look on her face, and I assured her that it really wasn’t a big deal.  “Those stains have been there for a while.”  I said.  I wasn’t going to admit to her that it had been over two years.  

So instead of explaining the truth – which is that I am someone who would rather wear a stained coat than pay $20 to have it cleaned, I let her think that I was the kind of person who doesn’t get too worried that her $1200 coat has stains that may or may not come out.

There you have it, that’s about the most exciting thing that has happened this week.  Oh and I stole a Coke from Pastor Terry’s private stash at church on Wednesday night.  Sometimes a girl just needs a Coke.  I’m such a sinner.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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