Cold Medicine

Why is it ridiculously difficult to get the little cold medicine pills out of their packaging?  What happened to the ease of simply pushing through the foil?  I suppose it’s to keep small children from eating them, but doggoneit I’m an adult and I can’t get the stupid pills out to give to my poor congested husband!

On that note, the reason I was giving Jake cold medicine is because he’s so congested that the neti pot isn’t working.  What is the neti pot you ask?  Let me tell you.  The neti pot is this amazing little pot which you fill with a saline solution and pour through your nose.  It then fills your sinus cavity and comes out your other nostril.  So while it’s not something you want to whip out on a first date, it is an extremely effective way to help clean out your sinuses when you have a cold!  I used it a few weeks ago when I felt a cold coming on and the cold didn’t stand a chance!  Please watch this really lame, really funny, yet highly instructional video –


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