I am tired.  It’s been a while since I’ve worked late into the night for several consecutive days.  For that matter, it’s been a while since I’ve stayed awake past like 12…  Since Shepherd has been sleeping through the night for the past four months I have been quite used to getting a good night’s sleep thank you very much.  

This week however I’ve been working all day and through the evening till 12 or 1 trying to get finished with this issue of Bride & Groom.  I’m getting pretty frustrated with advertisers who after repeated phone calls and emails from both me and the advertising exec still haven’t gotten me their material.  Grrrrr.  It’s also frustrating, though inevitable, when the layout of three pages changes which starts this domino effect of page shuffling and page numbering headachiness.  Yeah, I said headachiness.  Since I’ve been working long hours, Shep has either been with someone else (thanks Mom and Rachel!) or in his little ~ahem~ playpen that I rigged out of chairs and pillows…  I set him inside of it only to look over a few minutes later and see him stuck underneath a chair trying to escape!


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