Totally Rad Actions

Do you ever wonder how professional photographers get their photos looking so amazing?  The answer is that #1 they know what they are doing and are using great equipment and #2 they are usually using some kind of great Photoshop actions.  Do you know about actions?  I just recently discovered them and my life is forever changed.  If you go to your pallettes, one of them is called Actions.  If you don’t see it go to Window> Actions and it will come up.  Basically with most actions, you go to your actions pallette and click on the action you want, press play and presto! instantly better photo with little or no work from you!.  There are some places where you can download free actions, just Google ‘free photoshop actions,’ but there are several studios that also sell their actions.  Now these range in price anywhere from $150 on up to over $1,000, but I am currently looking to buy The Totally Rad Action Mix from Boutwell Studio.  If you go to, you can see samples of most of their actions and even download a few free samples!  If you download the free samples between now and Sunday, they enter you to win a $500 Apple gift card!  Talk about win win.  Here is a before and after of their Super Fun Happy action.

Here is the original image just as it came out of the camera (minus the border and swirly of course)

This is the original image as it came out of the camera


And here is the after!  All I did was click play on the action, pretty cool huh?  Try it out, it will radically change your Photoshop life!This is after I merely clicked to play the action!  Amazing huh?


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