Mother’s Day

Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day!  It was a great day!  I got breakfast in bed, a lovely bouquet of tulips, some beautiful cards, lots of text messages and phone calls, and then got to spend a lovely afternoon with my grandparents and extended family at my aunt and uncle’s house!

I was chatting with Grandpa about photography because he is also a photographer.  We talked about everything from lenses to point and shoot cameras and their pros and cons, Photoshop, his Hasselblad (yes), his dark room, and Macs.  

In case you didn’t know, Truett and Betty Worley are pretty much most hard core grandparents you’ll ever meet.  Most people have a hard time making the switch from PC to Mac at any given time in their life.  Obviously once they do, they see the error of the former ways and their lives and hearts are forever changed…but nevertheless, the learning curve can be intimidating.  Granny and Grandpa bough a Mac last year and made the switch – in their 80’s.  That’s right.  

We also heard all kinds of stories from back in his high school principal days when he went to court against a student who had marijuana in his locker (Google Worley vs. Zamora), the time he had to step out on his porch and cock his gun to ‘motivate’ some students who were trying vandalize their house to leave, how they decided to move to the country because their cars had bullet holes in them from disgruntled students.  Yeah, my grandparents are pretty hard core.


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