Don’t be a jerk

As you may or may not know, I am currently working on my first issue of Bride & Groom.  When I first came on, I was told that the issue should go to print by  the first of May.  With that in mind, the deadline I gave to the advertising clients for new or updated material was April 21st.  That didn’t happen.  I was warned though so I wasn’t too surprised.  Then we extended the deadline to the 9th.  Well here we are at the 13th and while we’re getting much closer, we aren’t there yet.

Now before I signed on, the advertising photographer that had contracted to have his photo on our cover (our cover – remember that) sent my boss a photo to be considered.  It was a perfect cover photo, we loved it!  I emailed and asked him to send me a high-res version by April 21st.  Well April 21st came and went and nothing came from Mr. Photographer.  I emailed several times and extended deadlines for him.  Finally I get an email saying, ‘Here is your cover photo,’ with a completely different photo attached.  This photo while very cute was t was quirky, artsy and not at all cover material for this magazine.  They usually go for very classic, conservative types of images.  

Let me interject here and say that Mr. Photographer’s work is incredible, amazing even.  I would love to be so talented and knowledgeable.  I love his work.  I just don’t like him now…  Keep reading.

I emailed Mr. Photographer back and said that while I loved the new photograph, wasn’t the kind we use on our covers and could he please send me the original photo that he sent in hi-res asap.  A few days later (not asap)…he writes back and tells me that – 

“We really feel that this new image that we sent to you is more professional looking for a cover of a magazine.  I think it would only help the magazine.  To be honest with you, we have been disappointed with the cover options chosen in the past when it has not been our cover.  We know you are new to this with Bride & Groom but it is very disheartening to go into a store and see an image (like the current & past covers) that is amatuer looking.  Could you resubmit this to your committee for approval?  We would really aprecaite the consideration for this image.  We need a little quality control in our business as I am sure you understand and we do not want the {image that HE sent to us in the first place} background image on a cover.  Thank you for your understanding!”

Moment of silence.

I sent it in, and as I suspected it was hands down rejected.  I emailed and told Mr. Photographer very nicely suggesting that he use it for his ad instead and could he please send me that original image or something else today and gave some criteria.  This was eight days ago.  Two days later he sent me an email again but forgot to attach the file and went out of town.  After several phone calls and emails from both Mary Beth and I, his assistant being no help whatsoever, and Mr. Photographer himself telling me he’d send it to me yesterday – he finally sent me a new image today.  When Mary Beth spoke with him, she said that the editor didn’t think the image was appropriate for her cover.  He got all offended and said that she shouldn’t criticize her clients.  Criticize?  What part of that is criticism?  He then proceeded to badmouth the magazine to her.  Mature.  

When we finally saw the new image it was only slightly more conservative than the last.

The way he’s acting, you’d think I was a bill collector.  I’m trying to advertise for him for Pete’s sake!  I just have parameters!  Why is that so hard to understand?  And why is it so hard to send an email?  Or for an assistant to send it for you?  If you are ‘sooo busy’ that you can’t send an email, then perhaps you don’t need to advertise!


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