Goin’ My Way!

Today in the middle of craziness with working to get this issue of Bride & Groom finished, I had to run out to the bank and the grocery store.  While I was out, everything just went my way!  First I went to Target to get groceries and not only did I print out coupons before I went, but I actually remembered to BRING them with me (a small miracle).  I also remembered to bring my new reusable shopping bag.  It drives me CRAZY how they give a zillion bags at Target, it’s such a waste!  I need to get about four of those bags, but I’ll have to slowly build my collection.  

So I went into Target feeling like a good responsible thrifty citizen.  While I was there, my mom called and asked me to pick some stuff up for her and I sorta cringed cause I’m on a tight budget.  However, when I checked out using my coupons and reusable shopping bag – I was only $3 over budget and I definitely bought more than $3 worth of stuff for her.  In all my coupons saved me $8!  I was excited.

Then Shep and I packed up into the car and drove across the street to the bank.  I crossed Park Blvd. on Parkwood over to Wells Fargo.  Now if you don’t catch that light on a green you can really sit there for a while!  But I drove up at precisely the right moment and sailed right through that light.

When I got to the bank, I geared up to sit there for a long time because for some reason it takes the tellers a million years to cash checks.  I was cashing $90 in checks and realized that my tithe $9 could be rounded up to $10, leaving $80.  Since $80 is divisible by 20, I could withdraw it from the ATM…  So I drove up to the ATM, deposited my checks, withdrew $80 and sailed right out in no time!  I was then going back to Parkwood to go home.  As I drove up to that light at Park and Parkwood, I made it JUST in time to catch the green light again!  The next light was green too!

I smiled because I’m clearly God’s favorite.

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