Guest books, Seniors and Swimming!

It was a busy weekend!  On Saturday I went to a wedding that my friend Rachel planned.  The bride and groom wanted to have a photo guest book so Rachel hired me to come take the guest’s photos after they signed.  I tried really hard to keep the guests signing in the order they were being photographed, but there were some rogue guests that kept me on my toes!  Here are a few of my favorites!

Aren’t these two adorable??  They were so cute I had to show both of their photos.

I offered the bridesmaids bouquets for the guests to hold as props and this man jumped right in.  Don’t you just want to be their friend?


Then on Sunday, they were honoring the graduating seniors at church and I was taking the pictures.  I love graduations (even though that’s not what this was).  It’s so exciting for the graduates, cause it’s the most exciting day of their life up till now.  I love those days!  I have had four most exciting days of my life – highschool graduation, the day Jake proposed, our wedding day, and the best day in my 23 years was the day Shep was born.

Here are two beautiful graduates.  Congratulations everyone!



THEN later that evening we all went to the Boyd’s and had a mini cookout, and we took Shepherd swimming for the very first time!  He did so well, he didn’t even act like it was anything out of the ordinary.  I had to get out because I was cold, and he stayed in with Jake and never complained.  He’s such a little manly baby!


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