I have been way too busy to even think about blogging the past couple of days.  Yesterday and today especially I almost lost my mind.  Yesterday I went down (unnecessarily) to the printer which is FAR away from me and is at the end of a road full of strip clubs…  The proof that they showed me was so bad and I was so mad that they made me come down to see a proof that clearly wasn’t acceptable instead of just calling and telling me it wasn’t working that after I dropped Mary Beth off at her car, I got on the phone venting to Michal and drove down the Tollway going the wrong way for about 10 miles before I even noticed!  THEN when I turned around I was then sitting in the traffic trying to get home.  Boy was I mad!

Today I was trying to fix each and every individual page that wasn’t right (over 20 pages) while also trying to finish editing Kacie & Aaron’s engagements AND trying to take care of Shep who was feeling really sad that his Mommy wasn’t playing with him.  I worked till about 7 and then went over to my mom’s house and had a cupcake before dinner.  I’m telling you, chocolate always helps your feelings.

Tomorrow we’re doing a model photo shoot so that should be fun!  

We’re going on vacation on Tuesday!!!  We haven’t been on vacation since our honeymoon two years ago.  This is my happy face =)


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  1. Ben

    haha you went ten miles the wrong way on the tollway…that’s bad dude

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