Samuel’s Baseball Game

Oh man.  Little boys during the first few years of their baseball careers are absolutely priceless.  Shepherd and I went with Ashley to Samuel’s last game of the season last night.  We had so much fun!  The boys were so cute I almost cried a couple of times!  They are still in the stage where after the game is over they are all yelling, “Who won!?!?” and the coaches have to run out to the plate to tie their shoes.  After one pitch we hear, “Johnny where is your glove?” and see a coach run out and give the catcher his glove.  Samuel thought it would be fun to play peekaboo with Shep from the pitcher’s mound.


I can’t wait until Shepherd plays sports!!!!


Here is Samuel about to get one of many hits.

I just do not have words for this.



These kids were from the other team, but how cute are they?!?


Ashley and my future little baseball star.


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