Happy Birthday Gretchen!

Last Saturday I had the absolute privilege of photographing Gretchen’s surprise 60th birthday party.  The party was planned by the fabulous Rachel Phillips of Rachel Events.  It was such a good time!  Gretchen is absolutely the cutest thing!  She reminds me of Meg Ryan with all of her little expressions and energy.  And her sister ZoAnn, who co-hosted the party with Penni Williams, is a Dreyer just like me!  Here are some favs from the party.

The fabulous cake.  Rachel made that G herself!  She’s so creative!

The grand surprise entrance.

She absolutely has the greatest facial expressions!

This is Gretchen saying, “I had NO idea!”

Gretchen and ZoAnn.  ZoAnn calls her “Sissy” they are so sweet!

Seriously, don’t you just want to be their friend?


ZoAnn giving her speech about “Sissy”

Everyone had such sweet things to say about her.  You could tell she was very loved by all of her friends.

Laughing about some old pictures Spike (yes Spike) had put in her birthday present scrapbook.

All in all, Rachel and I had a completely lovely time and felt like we were party of the group even though we had just met almost everyone there.  Happy birthday Gretchen!


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