I got an iPhone, yaaaaaay!!!!!  It was quite a saga trying to get it let me tell you!  My brother works at the Apple store so all day on Friday I was texting him getting updates about the line.  It was over 5 hours long all day, and I didn’t have a block of time nor inclination to wait in line for that long but he told me they were staying open till midnight.  At 9:00, we went over – yes, Jake, Shepherd and I – to stand in line.  The line wasn’t too long, I sorta thought (erroneously) that it would only take about an hour.  Well an hour into it, I looked around and we had moved about oh three yards.  I thought to myself, “This is so stupid why are we doing this?  I should just wait until next week when the rush dies down.”  But I couldn’t quit the line cause I had already invested and hour into it.

Two hours into it, I thought the same thing, “Why are we doing this, it’s taking way too long and we’re only about half way there!  I am so stupid for wanting to stand in line like this for a phone!”  But of course now I had two hours sunk into this deal, so I really couldn’t leave then!  About this time, we got to a part in the line where we could sit on the ledge of a fountain.  My current phone was in my back pocket.  You know what is coming.  I sat down and 


there goes the Razr into the fountain.  Let me interject here and say that if you are not familiar with my phone/iPod history please read about it in my pregnancy blogs which are posted on the right of the screen.  I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of it.  Ben had just been lecturing me before I left to get in line about how he would disown me if I dropped my new iPhone into any sort of water.  How fitting that I would drop my old phone (which is actually his old phone) in water as I am waiting to buy a new phone.  Unfortunately the irony was lost on Ben who was concerned about the Razr.

After more than three hours in line, (it is 12:15 and we are in line with a baby!) the store manager comes out and tells us that At&t has closed their service and they can therefore no longer sell phones that evening.  Oh yes.  They did however pass out a rain check card to all of us in line with the promise that they would reserve the phone we wanted in the back with our name on it.  All we would have to do is walk right up the next day – no line – and come get our phones.  Well you better believe that then I felt really dumb for waiting in line so late.  I didn’t figure there would even be a line the next day.  I was wrong.

When we strolled up to the store on Saturday at about 12:30, there was a five hour long line again!!!!  I got to go right in ahead of all those people and 30 minutes later, emerged with a brand new iPhone in a cute pink case.  Sooooo worth standing in line for three hours.


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