Unexcused Absences

I was going through the Stickies on my desktop, when I came across a snippet from an email I had received a few months ago from my friend Kate.  Kate aside from being fabulous is about to begin her first year as a teach in the Plano school district.  As you know, I love to write about Plano and it’s various amusing idiosyncrasies, but I had forgotten about this one.

It seems that as Kate was reading through her Plano teacher’s handbook, she came to a section about absences.  She couldn’t believe her eyes when she read the following about unexcused absences.  I have highlighted the offending line.

“The following are examples of unexcused absences: vacations, trips, baby-sitting, working (including modeling), non-school sponsored athletic events and programs, and truancy.”

Oh yes.  Modeling.  Apparently so many Plano high schoolers model that modeling made it into the handbook as an unexcused absence.  Moment of silence.

Can you picture the school board meeting in which they had to discuss the need the clarify that modeling did in fact qualify as work, and that since so many kids were missing school because of modeling they should go ahead and add it to the handbook as an unexcused absence?  Oh Plano.


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