Shepherd Turns 1!

My baby turned 1 last week!  It was adorable.  First we went to the mall and played on the mall toys.  He loved it!  We played for an hour!  I however was that really REALLY annoying parent running around the playground with my camera and flash taking a million photos and then setting it down to take video.  After that, we went swimming with Daddy, and then he had a looong nap.  On Saturday we had a little birthday party.  My baby really is the cutest one in the whole wide world!


Here he is pondering his next move.  “Do I crawl up the grapefruit, or go for the bacon?”

Having a snack at Nonnie’s house.


Of course he had to have a birthday shot on the zebra chair like his Mommy!


Eating dinner on the patio.


These are the cakes that Jess Boyd made for Shep.  Isn’t she amazing?


He wasn’t quite sure what was going on when we were singing happy birthday to him.


Then he really wasn’t sure what to do when I tried to get him to eat his cake by himself.


In the end, although he loved it, he would only eat it if I fed it to him on a fork.


Family Photo!


He didn’t seem to have a problem getting into the flow of opening presents!  Just like his Mommy…


It was a great first birthday!


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  1. i can’t believe he is 1! and what an adorable little birthday boy he was! he is lucky to have the birthday queen as a mommy! birthdays will always be amazing! =)

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