Mattea Jewel

This week I have the privilege of being in Colorado Springs to photograph the wedding of my very dear friends Candace and Gil.  Candace and I were in Thailand and Hong Kong for two months together several years ago when she was in a school I was staffing, and Gil was her school leader!  Don’t you just love it when people end up with their leaders?  I know I do.  Anyway, stay tuned for their wedding post sometime next week.  Meanwhile I’m having tons of fun seeing friends that I haven’t seen in almost two years!


Today I did some photos of Mattea.  She is so precious!  At first we were inside and I was right up close to her with a 50mm lens and the sound of the shutter startled her and the flash really startled her!  So we went outside where I used the faaaabulouse 70-200mm 2.8 IS that I’m renting for the wedding.  Since I’m out of town, I’m using my ancient laptop which is so sloooow.  I forgot that it doesn’t have my handy dandy blog logo action on it.  Oh well. 











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3 responses to “Mattea Jewel

  1. elizabeth doan

    Beth- these are amazing! So gorgeous. You are such a talented photographer.

  2. It’s all in the eyes. Look at the life you captured! Plus, the lighting is amazing in these shots. And the coloring is perfect. All together wonderful.

  3. Gail Fleming

    Hi Beth,
    Great pics sweetie and I am the proud grandmother of Mattea Jewel. (Probably the one she got her looks from!) (just kidding!) Anyway you did a beautiful job of capturing the beauty of our precious grand daughter. Keep on….. and thank you so much…….being so far away this was a special treat to me today. Thank you! Smiles….Gail

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