Three Sneak Previews!

Here are three previews from this week – Sophia Doan, Candace’s bridal, and Gil and Candace’s wedding!


Here is little Sophia.  She and Shepherd are engaged, and this trip was their first meeting.  It went well, I think they are happy with the arrangement =)


This is one of Candace’s bridals.  Isn’t she stunning?!  She is so incredibly photogenic!


And check out this first kiss!  Smokin!!!!  I’m so excited to blog this wedding, stay tuned for more!


It’s been an amazing week in good ol COS, it’s been so great to combine old friends and photography!



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2 responses to “Three Sneak Previews!

  1. Candace

    You are amazing Beth! Not only did you take such amazing pics, but I have you to thank for me looking fabulous…I love you!

  2. Great backgrounds in both of Candace’s shots. You really have a way of seeing the whole picture!!

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