Candace’s Bridals

As promised, here is a full post of the bridals we did of Candace the day before her wedding down in Manitou Springs.  Candace is so photogenic it’s ridiculous!





Look at her!  Stunning.





I love the drama of this one.  But then again, I love drama =)



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4 responses to “Candace’s Bridals

  1. Ashley

    WOW Beth…. these are so amazing! Not that Candace isn’t a knock- out we all know. But you did so great! I hope some day you are around and I can have you do mine too!
    Beautiful stuff…..

  2. My favorite is the one with the Ford. She just looks like a hometown, happy girl … going to the chapel to get married. It has style!

  3. Denise Woods

    Beth, it was so nice to finally meet you! You did a fantastic job on the pictures. So, where are all the other ones you took…and how can I get some?

    And about that porta-potty – I hated the fact that it was the nearest ‘facility’ to be used. I tried to find the real bathrooms on the day of the wedding, but as I was walking uP the hill, past the Pavilion, I knew I was going to be a sweaty mess…so I gave in. I decided, “If I had to rent this thing, I’m going to use it.”

    I’m glad you took so much pleasure in the picture!

  4. Barbara Datz

    Hi, I’m the groom’s mom and just loved the pictures. Pls. send them to one of my dearest friends-rosy.eagle She wanted to see the wedding pictures having just shared her daughter’s, Tami Eagle Bowling, who is Associate Director of Marie Claire in New York City. Never
    can tell, she might share your photography with her daughter. Fondest regards.

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