A Few Things

1.  Shepherd and I (not Jake) have officially begun listening to Christmas music as of last week.  Yaaay!

2.  I have my gingerbread/pumpkin candles going in various parts of my house in honor of fall.  Yuuuuuum!

3.  My perfect fall/winter happiness would be listening to Christmas music, smelling my pumpkin spice candle, drinking hot cider, cuddling with Jake and watching Shepherd be adorable.  I’ll let you know when it all happens at the same time!

4.  Jake’s parents were in town the past few days and we went to the Fair!  It was SO much fun, I think we will probably go again.

5.  Yesterday evening I was uploading a bunch of personal photos to the little website I keep for out of town friends and family to see pics of Shepherd.  As I was loading them I realized that I do not take time anymore to make my own photos look good.  In fact, some of them are downright bad looking!  I may shoot them RAW, but I don’t do anything with the RAW files, I just take the jpegs that my computer makes automatically for me and slap those up on the site, end of story.  So I’ve decided to take some time this week to take some personal shots and tweak them the way I would for my professional shots.

This, embarrasingly enough is how this photo appears on our personal site – 

This is that same photo using Homestead, my new favorite of the TRA2 actions.  For some reason I am so in love with that action.  I need to use it sparingly so it doesn’t lose it’s pizazz.


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  1. oh i miss the Texas State fair and will have to try and make it next year. I am with you… I love it and could go multiple times! I can’t believe how big Shep is and so cute! And I was going to tell you the wedding pics are adorable. You really do such an amazing job Beth! I want to do some pictures of Jeremy and I once I am bigger pregnant..if thats something you are interested in I think we could have fun with those!

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