Losing it…

I’m semi following the Mammoth Men these days.  They post and tweet quite a bit, so it’s a bit of a commitment, but If you are looking for an entertaining blog full of adventure and fabulous photography, you should check them out!


So after reading the blog today, I was just sitting here going through Fred Egan’s blog trying to find out what was quite possibly the best album he’s ever listened to so I could win the Shootsac he’s giving away.  I really want a free Shootsac, so I was seriously focused on this blog and really digging and searching.  I had multiple browser windows open, and I had watched a couple of videos on Fred’s blog.  

Across the room, my insanely loud dishwasher was creating a lovely background noise.  All of a sudden I realize that I can hear muffled sounds or music or voices and I quickly checked all of my open browsers to see if there was a video going that I forgot to close.  I couldn’t find one, but I could still hear voices!!!  I’m thinking, what in the world, why am I hearing these voices??  I’m really getting concerned that at 23 I’m already hearing things, when my dishwasher turns off, I turn around and I realize that my tv had been on behind me this entire time.  Dangit!

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