An evening with Beth & Shep

Here are a few photos that Jake took of Shep and I the other night.  I decided to make some cookies, cause that’s what I like to do during the Holidays.  Really what I like to do is eat my cookies!  Peanut Butter cookie goodness!  

First I had to change Shep’s diaper.  PS, what you aren’t seeing in these pictures is Shep’s ~ahem~ haircut that I gave him later that night.  Let’s just say I haven’t missed my calling.  I’m still debating whether or not to really document the bad haircut =(


That face!!!  It kills me, he’s so precious!


He was really excited to be on the counter in the midst of the action!  I did have to yank a few things out of his hands, but no major damage was done.


Momma loves her boy!!



Today I did the Wilder family’s portraits, which I was very excited about.  Stay tuned this week for that post!


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  1. aw beth! these are soo cute! and sheps hair cut is not that bad. although i shall try and fix it tuesday night when i grace you with my presence. hehe. oh Christmas time! these make me so happy!

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