We had a great Thanksgiving.  It was our first Thanksgiving without Grandpa and we all missed him, but we were very excited to have Granny with us.  Thanksgiving in my family obviously involves lots of food.  We all gather at my aunt and uncle’s house – and when I say ‘we all’ I mean upwards of 40 people – and have a free for all of eating, football watching and playing and general time together.  This year we had 11  great grandkids with us, so there was always something happening!  Shep had a good time playing with all his cousins.  Last year he was so little at his first Thanksgiving!  This year he was running around trying to go into the pond, touch the fire, and play football with Daddy.  I put together some of the highlights of the day – 




Then yesterday those of us with children (14 children this time) gathered at the nature preserve to take a great grandkids photo with Granny.  With 13 boys, I think it went remarkably well!  Everyone is facing the camera, no one fell off that ledge, and most of them are even smiling!



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  1. Such an amazing family!!! love the pictures Beth!!!!!!

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