On my mind

Today I just thought I’d share a few things that are on my mind.


1.  Our Christmas tree is up and decorated with unbreakable ornaments.  This is good because Shepherd occasionally likes to remove some of them.


2.  I haven’t restarted my computer in several days.  In an attempt to punish me for this and for not upgrading her RAM, she is going very slow.  This gets on my nerves.  I guess I’ll have to restart today.

3. I bought Shep a new little Santa suit and we’ll be taking him to the mall soon to get his second annual picture with Santa.  I’m a little nervous because how could it possibly be better than this?


4.  This morning I was reading Psalm 20, and as I’m reading it I’m thinking, “Man this is a really depressing Psalm, I don’t ever remember reading SUCH a depressing Psalm in my life!  Then I looked across at the next Psalm and saw that it mentioned Job.  “Hmm…I don’t remember Psalms that mentioned Job either…”  Looked up at the top of the page, oh yes I was reading Job 20.

5.  If you live in Plano and you have not been to Los Cucos, get yourself over there asap.  It is  AMAZING Mexican food.  It opened in October, we heard about it in November and I’m not gonna lie, we’ve been there 4 times.  Everything we’ve had has been sinfully delicious!  The green sauce they bring out for the chips alone is worth a visit!!  It’s great because first of all the food is outstanding, secondly the entrees are so large that you split them and thirdly because those large entrees that you split are only like $10.99!  Did I mention the green sauce!?!?  Here is an iPhone pic of Shep not quite knowing what to do with the Mariachi band.


6.  Speaking of food, it’s lunchtime!


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  1. OH beth! seriously i love your posts they make me smile. and sheps hair just makes me melt! i cant wait for the new santa pictures!

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