Dreyer Family Christmas Card Photos

At the end of October, I insisted that we get dressed up in color coordinating outfits and take pictures of ourselves using my tripod and my camera’s self timer.  Please envision me running after Shep when he ran away from Jake and setting the camera between each and every photo – in fabulous heels.  My husband was not happy about this plan, and he insisted that next year I concede control to another photographer for our family photo.  I agreed especially after I noticed how the quality suffered because the camera couldn’t decide what it wanted to focus on for many of the pictures.

This is my favorite!  I ordered about a zillion of them from my new printing company – Pictage.  You can see how Pictage works and view this and two other photos in a sample Pictage gallery here.




The quality on this one isn’t so great, but  it’s such a funny arrangement with Shep gasping at something up in the sky I had to include it!




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One response to “Dreyer Family Christmas Card Photos

  1. Jess B

    Beth those pics are cute! I LOVE the one with yall back behind shep. his face is adorable! You look so cute and stylish too! Love you!

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