Picture With Santa!!!!

So you saw the Santa picture from last year.  We sat Shepherd down and he smiled real big – click click – that was it.  The picture was adorable.

Well this year things didn’t exactly go that way.

Shep definitely burst into wild crying as soon as he sat down on Santa’s lap. ” Who the heck is this big furry man and why are you leaving me with him, Mommy?!?!”  

It ended up taking me, a pacifier, and an iPhone to calm him down.  Then they couldn’t get him to look up from the iPhone…  I sat up and smiled, they caught his attention away from the phone and I yanked his pacie out.  So we got the picture below and then another one where Shep was crying cause I took his pacie, and my head was thrown back laughing.  I really wish they would’ve given me two or three pictures on the flash drive I got from them, but they would’ve made me pay double or triple so I didn’t do it.

So without further ado, here is Shep’s 2008 Picture with Santa-


Note the pacie in my hand, and my face that says, “Taaaaake the picture!”

Let’s see the side by side from this year and last year (the white balance was a little warm this year) – 



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