2008 Favorites!

It is almost the end of 2008, and it has been such a great year for me!  I have learned so much about photography.  I mean so much.  I would really like to thank the following photographers, none of whom I know personally, but whom I have been blog stalking this year – 

Lauren Clark

Jessica Claire

Chenin Boutwell

Millie Holloman


Scarlett Lillian

I have learned so much by reading these blogs, from just examining their pictures, to soaking up their FAQ posts, I love these photographers!  So thank you for paying it forward with your knowledge and experience!

Ok now that that’s out of the way, I would like to post my favorite images from this educational year!

Rachel is so photogenic and so fabulous that I had to pick two of the photos from this session.   It was sooooo hot that day, but I love the bright colors and blue sky.




These are my favorite bridals.  This one of Odille I love because I just love the warm flood of sunshine coming over her, it makes me feel warm just looking at it!


While I don’t generally strive to be classic in my photography, I do love this one because it is so classic and pretty.


I love this one for it’s drama!


This is my favorite wedding photo hands down.  I know it’s not a normal bride and groom portrait, but I just love it!  We were looking around and saw that the port-a-potty said “United” on it so we went for it.


And my favorite engagement shot.  The colors, the flowers, the kneeling, how could you not love this one?


I think these kinds of shots show families how they really are, and this one makes me smile.


This picture is just so cute and so funny.  I have the cutest little guy!


These next two are my favorites of the favorites and they are both personal.  This one I took on our very first family vacation.  It was the bridge we walked across to get from the house to the beach, and it will always remind me of that first vacation and how wonderful it was.  Someday when we buy a house I will have this one beautifully framed and hung somewhere I will see it all the time.


This (yes I know I like this action a lot) is so precious to me.  I have it in a 10×12 above my desk.  It was such a sweet moment between father and son.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these images and that they’ve helped you to get to know and understand me better.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. aww thanks Beth for the shoutout! I’m glad I could help inspire you. These images are beautiful! Keep shooting from your heart.

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