Bathtub Incident

So this morning Shep and I were playing and watching Dora and I decided that he smelled like pee and needed to take a bath.  So I told him it was bath time and started gathering his bath items.  He runs into the bathroom and gets all excited when I turn the water on, and is kinda following me around as I gather the soap and towel and other items from the various parts of our apartment to which he has previously scattered them.  When I went into his room to get a fresh diaper, he didn’t follow me.  I came back into the bathroom with the diaper and there he was IN the bathtub while the water was running, fully clothed!  He was just looking at me like, “I’m taking a bath, Mommy!”  I quickly yanked him up out of the tub and proceeded to laugh hysterically.  Shep didn’t understand what was so funny, but he did graciously allow me to remove his soaking clothes and diaper and put him back in the tub.  I love kids, they’re so much fun!

Unfortunately I did not happen to have my camera ready at that exact moment, but here are a few pictures of him from the other day that I think are pretty cute.  His newest achievement is pulling the headphones out of the iPod, and then putting them back in.  He really can do it too, it’s pretty impressive!


That’s his, “Wow!” face






Also if anyone was looking to upgrade to a DSLR this Christmas, Adorama has a really great deal on a Canon Rebel XTi.

Have a fabulous day!


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  1. Coli Jones

    Those pjs are just about as cute as he is!

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