A Couple of Christmas Photos

We had a great Christmas, I can’t believe it’s already  Shep’s second!  They’re not kidding when they say it goes fast.  He’s just so much fun!  I’m so grateful that Jesus came to earth so He could live and die for me, and I’m so grateful for my family.  We are so blessed.  Every day with Shep is better than the last.  When he gives me goodnight kisses from my crib, I melt every time!  It is the cutest thing ever!

Here are my favorite shots from our Christmas.  Did I take any at all while Shep was opening his presents?  No of course not.  Do we all look SUPER pale in all of these?  Yes.






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One response to “A Couple of Christmas Photos

  1. Coli Jones

    I switched computers and didn’t transfer your web address, so I have forgotten to look here in a while. Found it through Twitter. Glad to be back. Your Christmas collage so captures your day for all to see.

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