Today I took Shep to play at the mall playground.  There was a little three year old boy there wearing True Religion jeans held up by a Diesel belt.  In case you don’t want to click that link, kid True Religion jeans will run you between $106- $150.

There are some things in life that I find so ridiculous I can’t decide if I’m amused, jealous, judgmental or offended.  I think for this one I’m amused more than anything.  I mean I could go into starving children in Africa, (or starving YWAMers in Colorado) but instead I just find myself getting used to the Plano lifestyle and not judging, just accepting.  People will spend money on things that I find unnecessary, and who am I to judge?  I will however condescend to be amused and roll my eyes.

Here’s how cute Shep is in his jeans that cost $12.99 – 



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  1. I agree, kids will not appreciate $150 jeans, I mean I will, but a kid! Great post on remembering what we really need in life.

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