Recent Happenings

I haven’t been a very good little blogger the past couple of weeks have I?  Please forgive me!  Here are some things that have happened recently.


First there was my 24th birthday which was tons of fun!  For those of you who don’t know, I don’t mess around when it comes to birthdays.  It’s birthday week at my house!



I really think that waiters should receive basic photography instruction.  They always take the worst pictures!




Yesterday, Shep decided he needed to wear his cowboy boots around the house in his pajamas.





Today, Shep went under the bed, pulled out Scene It and somehow got the lid off.  When I put it away, he went and got it again and actually carried it to me in the living room.  So we played Scene It.  He would roll the dice, tap the little piece around the board and then look at the tv.  He’s a perceptive little guy.  Yes, that’s our Christmas tree still up in the background, don’t judge.




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2 responses to “Recent Happenings

  1. Coli Jones

    Beth, you look beautiful!!!!! 24 suits you. 🙂 And look at you out with your wonderful girlfriends. What a start to a special year.

    Never knew how cute cowboy boots and pjs could be. He’s a charmer.

  2. Oh Beth! i love all these pictures! Shep in the boots makes me laugh! 🙂

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