Thoughts on Moving

Well if you follow my Twitter/Facebook updates, you’ve probably gathered that I absolutely hate moving.  From the bottom of my heart.  And soul.  And mind.  And strength.

So I thought I’d take a little break from packing our closet to share a few thoughts I have about the whole moving process.

1)  This is really a question.  Why.  Why?  Why does the packing tape have to make the most ungodly loud screeching noise when you’re unrolling it?  If I want to make a box while Shep is asleep, I basically have to go into my closet and shut the door so the tape doesn’t wake him up.  This to me seems ridiculous.

2)  No matter how hard you plan, there is just no way to get it all right the first time.  Our strategy for this move has been to pack up the room/items we will be moving that day only, move them, semi unpack them and then call it a day.  This seemed like it would be easy.  I don’t know that it is.  Partially because using the word easy in application to the moving process is impossible.  But the other part is because spreading the moving process out over a five day period means that you can’t pack everything from whatever room you’re moving that day, because you need to use 50% of the items in it on a daily basis.  So you move about half the stuff (ok maybe more than half but you get the idea) and come home to a room that is now just strewn with the leftovers and is in no way empty.

3)  My husband has about a zillion pairs of jeans.  Really.  More than could every be called appropriate or normal.  I’m working on the closet this morning and just as I thought I’d thrown all of his jeans into the box, I get up to the top shelf and find four more pairs.  He’s always trying to tell me that he only has X number of jeans and that he’s gotten rid of the ones he doesn’t wear.  Those last four pairs were definitely the torn up beat up kind that you don’t really wear anymore.  So he probably thinks of them as ‘work jeans.’  I ask you, who really needs FOUR pairs of work jeans?  Ok I’m done ranting about my husbands jean obsession.   Love you baby!

4) I need to get back to it.  I’m making a dent in the closet (seriously we both just got rid of tons of clothes, why does it seem so full).  A very dear friend is coming over to help me out this afternoon, yaaaaay!



This is Shep trying to file his toenails.  I don’t even know how he knows what a file is!  Such a genius.


This is the kitchen in the new house, which we got mostly unpacked and set up yesterday.



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2 responses to “Thoughts on Moving

  1. Coli J

    We used to have that same microwave. And a red finish blender to match. Cute set.

    Cute new home. Just push through these next couple of days!!

  2. ashley

    what is it with guys and jeans? My husband is always thinking he just needs another pair!? He has an entire drawer just dedicated to those type of pants!

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