Such a Little Boy

It really has started to amaze me how much Shep is really showing his ‘boy’ characteristics already.  I know I know, what other kinds of characteristics was he supposed to start showing?  It is just really hitting me how he is making the transition from my little baby to my little boy.  

Yesterday evening I was giving him his bath and he was such a sight to see.  He had fallen down and bumped his nose earlier which caused his little nose to bleed, so he had some dried up blood under his nose.  As I was taking off his socks, I was amazed at how dirty they were.  When I grabbed his hand to take off his little shirt and he had some kind of sticky orange goop in between his dirty  fingers to which were stuck a bunch of yucky fuzzies.  I’m looking at him thinking, “Where did this come from?  How did you get this dirty?  You are such a little boy!” 

He loves to play with balls, loves to watch sports with Daddy, he already loves to watch airplanes in the sky, and immediately looks up to find one when he hears the familiar noise.  When we bring him inside from playing he almost always cries when we close the door.  If he had his way, the back door would stay open all day so he could run inside and outside at will (no matter how cold it is!)  

The other day Jake brought him in from the backyard and had blood dripping off his little fingers, though he didn’t seem to realize he had a boo-boo.  As I cleaned him off, I realized that he had little scratches all the way up one arm!  “Have a little tangle with a rose bush there, Shep?”

Yes, my little baby is turning into a little boy.


The black and white photo was taken by Kate Brewer.



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