Hannah Tallo Maternity Photos!

I have known Hannah since she was Hannah Chapman and I was Beth Worley and we were both 10 and had matching dresses that we wore to church.  I’m not kidding.  It was the really cool thing to do at our church when you were 10.  Everyone had the same checkered dress.  Now we’re grown up, married and are both Mommies!  Time does fly.  

Next week at WPPI, I am doing a night shoot with Scarlett Lillian, so I decided to practice and have my own little mini night session with Hannah!  She was like, “Well as long as you can make me look good, I haven’t felt very cute lately.”  I totally understand feeling that way (see my pregnancy blogs) and if there is ever a time a girl deserves to feel beautiful, it’s definitely when she’s carrying a new life!  Hey, that’s how I justified my designer maternity jeans =)  Well as you can see, it wasn’t even remotely difficult to make Hannah look stunning!

These were all taken in my new backyard using my 580 EX II flash and a simple little can light that was already in the backyard.






Helloooo, Beautiful!





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4 responses to “Hannah Tallo Maternity Photos!

  1. coloringlife2009

    Really good use of light! Everything has a very soft focus, which only emphasizes her loveliness. You really tailored your shoot to your subject. I bet she l-o-v-e-d these!

  2. Betty

    Hannah is very beautiful and I’ve also known the Chapmans from the time they only had 2 or 3 kids. I’m sure she loved these pictures. What camera do you use? Sweet pictures of Hannah and Ava, as well.

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