Today I have decided to go in search of a wallet.  An inexpensive wallet (that looks really nice!) because I’m going to Vegas on Friday for WPPI and I’m broke =)


The Louis Vuitton Never-Full

The Louis Vuitton Never-Full

I am in the process of overhauling my purse situation, and a new wallet should just about finish said overhaul.  Before Shepherd was born I was a big purse kinda girl, and I when I say big purse, I’m talking big.  Louis Vuitton makes a bag called the ‘Never Full.’  I don’t own this bag but believe me ‘Never Full’ was the kind of bag I wanted!


I bought purses as big as they came for less than $50, and wore them OUT but kept using them.  I really thought I needed the space too!  I couldn’t imagine not having my full sized Bible, full sized bottle of Advil, bandaids, magazine, glasses case, glasses cleaner, snacks, the mail from the day before, camera, sweater in case it got cold, etc etc etc with me at all times!  I wanted to be the one who was prepared!  So prepared was I at all times, that when I would travel, I usually had to get a rolling cart for my bag so that my shoulders wouldn’t be sore due to the extra traveling items I would carry.  

Bridal portrait of me by Madison Adams

Bridal portrait of me by Madison Adams

So prepared was I that when I was getting my wedding gown (yes it was a gown not a dress) altered, the sweet little Asian lady said in her sweet little accent, “Your shoulders crooked! One shoulder lower than other shoulder,” and adjusted the gown accordingly.


Then I got pregnant.  bethmaternitySome days, carrying a 12lb. purse didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore…  My mom started giving me purses she was finished with.  Moms are always trying to help us out aren’t they?  Now, my mom takes really good care of her things, so these purses would be in great condition when she gave them to me.  I would have them for two weeks and they would be falling apart.  But for the first time I started to realize that I could get by with a smaller bag.  It was kinda nice to look inside of a purse and be able to see all of its contents at a glance!  However, I wasn’t going to stay pregnant forever, and once I had a baby I would have to carry all my stuff and all his stuff too!!  My husband would joke that when our baby was born I was going to need a rolling suitcase instead of a purse.

Once Shep was born, I quickly learned that his stuff was way more important than mine and that I really didn’t need that much for myself at all!  I got a diaper bag that had a little maching zippy bag/clutch.  Shep’s stuff took up the bag, and I would put my stuff inside the little zippy pouch, cause I didn’t want to carry a diaper bag and a purse.  My wallet didn’t fit inside the zippy bag so I took out all my cards and put them inside a little elephant coin purse from Thailand.  If you’ve been to Thailand you know what I’m talking about!  Since then I have basically kept everything I need in that little pouch and I just stick the whole pouch in a purse when I want to use it, or I would just carry the pouch by itself.


My diaper bag


Fast forward a year and a half, and the time has come my friends.  That poor little brown zippy pouch has stains from when the sippy cup spilled, it’s just not cute at all, and I’m a big girl!  Time to step it up!!  Stop it with the cheap little purses that fall apart and little brown bags that are hello – brown – and stained and not cute!  I went through all of my purses and realized that most of them really needed to be thrown out and I  invested in a nice bag.  It is small but hey I don’t need tons of stuff and I don’t need uneven shoulders right?

So now I have the new expensive quality bag, and the little elephant coin purse/wallet.  Sigh.



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2 responses to “Wallet

  1. Suzanne

    Whoa! I have gone through the EXACT same purse/baby bag/wallet/small zipper-bag-for-myself journey as you since Hudson was born! I have given up all the space in my bag for his stuff! You’re right, Mom’s stuff just isn’t as important anymore and gets put in one small bag inside of his bigger bag… so funny… I just need to do like you, and ‘get focused’ to invest in some quality stuff…

  2. coloringlife2009

    Wow, you were stunning even when you were pregnant! Did I ever tell you I read your pregnancy blogs? Laughed all the way through them.

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