Bride & Groom Night Shoot on the Strip!

Wow.  I can’t believe how overloaded I still feel after WPPI last week.  It was amaaaaazing.  I learned so much, met so many fun people and wore myself out, but it was totally worth it.   I am definitely still recovering!  Kate and I had so much fun being nerdy and girly together and we made a new friend Garrett Davis who put up with us all week.  We met Jessica Claire, Becker, Jasmine Star, Mike Colon and Scarlett Lillian.  We had a great (but exhausting time) working at the Shootsac Booth with Keats Elliot and Matt Davis.

On Monday night, I got to participate in a night shoot put together by Scarlett Lillian.  It was sooo much fun!  The energy of the 20 something photographers was really exciting.  In fact, since there were so many of us running around the hotel with all our gear, people definitely thought we were the paparazzi and that Lyndsay and Anderson our bride and groom models were famous.  One lady really didn’t believe me when I told her they weren’t!

I want to dedicate these photos to Johnny Williams, Scarlett’s daddy who passed away on Saturday morning.  He was so proud of her and what she has accomplished as a woman and photographer.  She sacrificed time with him in order to teach and encourage us because he wanted her to keep living her life and moving forward.  Scarlett, thank you so much for doing this for us, I know your daddy is smiling down with Jesus on you.

So without further ado, in honor of Johnny Williams, here are my photos from our Vegas night shoot!








Behind them are about a zillion people trying to see who they were.




They were such great models!






So romantic!!




And finally, a couple of Lyndsay by herself.  Isn’t she gorgeous?!




Here was a little taste of the behind the scenes of our major paparazzi fest!



I hope you enjoyed these photos!  Have a wonderful day and please keep Scarlett and her mom Rene in your prayers.



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6 responses to “Bride & Groom Night Shoot on the Strip!

  1. coloringlife2009

    Just saw your Twitter. They were totally worth the wait!

    2, 5, 13, 17, & 20 were my absolute favorites! Great shots for your online portfolio.

  2. Amazing stuff Beth!! I knew I should have jumped on the chance to do one of those shoots….My head is still exploding with all the new stuff I learned that week, and I still wish I would have joined a few more workshops.

    You’ve got a new fan for sure, keep up the great work!


  3. these look amazing!! wonderful job!!

  4. I love the 3rd from last one! She’s so adorable.

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