Mirrors, Cosmo, and Water Faucets

It has been an interesting few days over at the Dreyer house!

Over the weekend we decided that it was time to finally hang things on our walls. We were both tired of photos and mirrors leaning against the wall s on the floors so we got out the level and went to work.  Every time we hang things, we inevitably both get really cranky, because for some reason it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to get something straight/at the right height the first time.  Impossible.  We’ve moved how many times and we still can’t make a level work for us.  We have this set of four square mirrors that we were hanging and each of them has two hooks a piece instead of one in the middle which means you have to get the screws in EXACTLY the correct alignment for it to be straight.  Well several holes in the wall later, Jake decided to unscrew the hooks on the back of the mirrors and replace only one single hook in the top middle of every mirror and voila!

Monday morning I go to to take a bath and I turned on the water while I was putting away some clean clothes. faucetAfter a few minutes, I come to test the water and it’s ICE cold.  What the heck?  I finally discovered that the faucet had randomly decided that hot was cold and cold was hot.  All by itself.  I thought that only happened when dad tried to fix the faucet and he really should’ve called the plumber.  But no apparently sometimes it does it on its own.


Later that day, I came around the corner to ask Jake a question and he is reading a copy of Cosmo that someone gave me.  Cosmo!  His defense was – “It said an orgasm almost killed her, I wanted to know!!”  He then continued to read and even started reading aloud various articles.  I snuck up on him and got a picture.  



Then later, he got the mail and started going through the coupons in the Val Pak and getting all excited about how we were going to use them at the grocery store and save all this money!  This was a complete role reversal for us.  It’s usually me going through the coupons and him rolling his eyes.  It’s usually me reading magazines (though usually not Cosmo…) while Jake does something productive.

Perhaps it’s this lemonade/maple syrup/cayenne pepper cleanse he’s doing…



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5 responses to “Mirrors, Cosmo, and Water Faucets

  1. this made me laugh! gotta love a cold bath! and jake reading cosmo…that is great! love his defense too! too funny!

  2. Melodie (Keith) Watson

    Hahaha!! That is hilarious! I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures. Hope you’re doing well! ~Mel

  3. coloringlife2009

    I’ve got a story on my own. 😉

    So we were in the mall a couple weeks ago and J saw this bleached out pair of jeans with holes in them. Totally 80s. Not my style really, but I was ready to try them on if he would like them on me. Then he told me he meant for him. I busted a gut! He’s earned a special nickname for moments like that. Haha All in good fun.

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