WPPI Photos

WPPI in Las Vegas was so much fun and I got to meet so many great people and listen to zillions of great speakers (whose idea is it to have classes at 8am?).  One thing I wasn’t prepared for was that our hotel room would be about 3/4 of a mile away from the convention area, but still be in the same hotel!  My calves were soooo sore at first, but we were there so many days that by the time we left they were no longer sore, just stronger!  I did have to buy some $9 Advil (the teeny tiny bottle) for my aching back at one point.  But aching backs and feet aside, it was a wonderful experience that I hope to repeat every year!!

Stay tuned for our Vegas video coming soon!


Most of these were taken all in the same night ~blush~ I’m really bad at taking my camera with me and taking pictures of what I’m doing!  This is Scarlett Lillian’s night shoot after party.





Scarlett & Me



Me and Carlos Baez.  I won his See the Light DVD.  It is amazing, I definitely recommend it.



Scarlett and I again.  She’s tall!



Everyone from Scarlett’s nightshoot.  I stole this picture from Mark Sweeney’s Facebook.


Us and our new buddy Garrett



Me and Jessica Claire after listening to her give a little talk at the tradeshow



This pictures of me above and below were taken by Kate


This is the picture I was taking in the photo above.






These are some photos I took around the hotel









I love this one!  It’s just two random people outside our hotel, but it’s so mysterious!



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  1. coloringlife2009

    Personally, I hate being on the other side of the lens. But you’re the model-turned-photographer type. Best of both worlds. Really like the silhouette shots of you!

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