Weep You No More, Sad Fountains…

“Sleep is a reconciling, 
A rest that Peace begets. 
Doth not the sun rise smiling 
When fair at e’en he sets 
Rest you then, rest, sad eyes, 
Melt not in weeping 
While she lies sleeping, 
Softly, softly, now softly lies sleeping.”


I love that song!

It is raining outside, and I am sitting in my bed snuggled up with blankets, pillows and tea, and I’m watching Sense and Sensibility.  

~Happy Sigh~

I always seem to want to watch Sense and Sensibility on rainy days.  Perhaps it is because of Mary Ann’s penchant for taking walks when it is about to storm.  Perhaps it is just a comfort movie, perhaps both.

Since I don’t keep images on my laptop, I will just leave you with your own visions painted by the aforementioned song.  I hope you are having a lovely day!



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3 responses to “Weep You No More, Sad Fountains…

  1. coloringlife2009

    I have never seen that movie. But I will take your recommendation!

    • Hold the phones! You’ve never seen Sense and Sensibility?!?! It’s an all time girly movie classic! You will love it! I insist that you watch it immediately =)

  2. coloringlife2009

    Haha, thanks! Better get on that. What are Saturdays for!

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