Computers and Auras

Explain this to me.

Today, I get up and check my email on my phone.  I have received a Daily Thought email from Real Simple as I do every morning and have for quite some time.  I read it and deleted it.  After  a while, I fired up my computer and started going through emails there, and when I got to the Real Simple email, down pops this little box demanding a username and password to some unknown entity.  Same email I have been receiving for probably two years.  I have never been asked for a username and password for any kind of email within a mail program, have you!?  It was bizarre.

Anyway, I hit cancel over and over trying to get it to go away.  That dang email was blocking me from getting to anything else!!  So I quit Mail and opened it again.  Same thing!  Grrrrr!  I tried all kinds of things within the menu trying to fix it and nothin!  So I did what one should always do in some kind of computer malfunction and restarted my whole computer.  Again SAME THING!

At this point, I did the next thing one should always do in the case of a computer malfunction, and texted my brother (who has worked at the Apple store off and on for several years).  

“Having an email crisis with Mail, are you available for consultation?”

He calls back and says that his rate has increased to $350/hr for consultations…

Now let me just stop here and explain something.  It’s really easy to just call Ben and have him tell me what to do all the time, (and many people do) but I try my hardest to call him as a last resort and figure it out myself.  There are two reasons for this; 1) I like to know how things work and I like to know that I can figure something out for myself.  It’s good mental exercise, keeps you sharp!  2) There have been instances when I gave up too soon only to call and ask him something SO painfully obvious that I can never live it down.  For example –

Me: panicking “BEN!  My mouse stopped working!!!!!!!”

Ben: calmly “Did you check the batteries?”

Me: feeling stupid “No….”

Or the truly humiliating – 

Me: right after I got my MacPro “I can’t figure out how to make my disc drive tray open!!!  There’s no button next to it!!!!

Ben:  aghast, amazed, wanting to disown me  “Are you kidding me?  You call yourself my sister?!?!  Look at your keyboard…See the little eject symbol above the delete button…”

Me: ashamed “Oh…yeah there it is” reeeallly feeling stupid… “Don’t tell anyone!!!!!!”

Needless to say, I have enough things making me look stupid so I don’t need to add to the list.  So when something goes wrong, I really do try to figure it out before I call in for backup.  Well since I had tried everything I could think of for this email problem, I knew I had to talk to Ben.  So I start to explain to him what’s going on and what I’ve done about it.

Me: “I keep trying to hit cancel” hitting cancel as I talk  “but it’s not wor-   what the?”

In MID SENTENCE all of a sudden the problem fixes itself!!  This is not the first time this has happened to me.  Ben tells me it happens all the time when people call him!!  He’s like, “It’s my aura.  Computer problems disappear when I’m on the phone or in the room.”  We get off the phone and he texts me again – 

“Bottles of aura are now on sale!  $50 a bottle!”

Get em while they’re hot folks.



Here is a little eye candy to thank you for reading my ramblings – 



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