This morning we had our first incident that my mom would classify as one to which you just raise your hands in the air and say “KIDS!”

Fortunately for me, Shepherd is not a climber, he’s not destructive, and he doesn’t go looking for trouble.  I consider myself lucky!  Really this story isn’t so bad, but it was frustrating and funny.

Shep loves to sit on my lap while I’m applying my makeup.  I’ll hand him a brush or a tube of mascara that he can’t open and he pretends he’s helping me.  


 Everyone is happy.  I wear Bare Minerals, and usually I open the pot of minerals, set the bottom half out of reach, swirl and tap with the lid and then set it aside as well.  Today, I grabbed my Warmth and began twisting open the lid.  All of a sudden Shep snatched it out of my careless hands… 

“Shep NO!!  NO!!!!  NOOOOO!”

He wasn’t in an obedient mood.

Warmth went EVERYWHERE.  All over my nice jeans.  Of course I wasn’t wearing my $12 jeans, no no I was wearing the expensive ones.  It’s all over me, all over him, all over the floor and inside an open cabinet.  I was freaking out.  Shep had a learning moment.


Good thing he’s so dang cute!







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2 responses to “Kids!

  1. Kate Brewer

    aw haha. i’m sorry but this story made me laugh! aw shep!

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