On Grocery Shopping Part I

Today I had a delightful grocery shopping experience.  I went to the new Super Target at Josey & 121.  The planning/marketing/branding team did their jobs, I came to that store soley for the experience of it.  It’s like Starbucks.  We all know that we don’t go to Starbucks just for that cup of coffee.  We go for the Starbucks experience.  Well today I had a Target experience.  All Super Targets to me are nicer and more enjoyable than Super Wal-Marts.  But this Target really goes above and beyond.  The exterior of the store is architecturally pleasing, the baskets are different and more sleek than any other baskets, the shelving is nicer, the layout is different, the staff are more friendly.  Perhaps my favorite part of this particular store was their motion sensor refrigerated section.  Oh yes.

I went in the morning before the lunch hour rush so the store was nice and quiet.  When I got the refridgerated section, no one was there and the lights inside all the cases were off.  As I approached them, they turned on!!  One by one as I walked down the aisle the cases lit up one after another.  it was kinda like that scene on Sweet Home Alabama where she walks into Tiffany’s.  Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but still really cool!  They score by doing this in two ways – 1) they’ll probably save tons of money on electricity, and 2) they really impressed me, a customer and made my experience all the more exciting and enjoyable.  I’m telling you since I’ve started reading Seth Godin’s blog, I’ve started looking at the world with new eyes.  And my new eyes think that the team that put this Target together are geniuses!

Now Target is still more expensive than Wal-Mart.  And on days when I need to buy more groceries and don’t have more money I will still go to Wal-Mart, but you better believe that I will be going to this Target as much as possible.  Almost every time I walk out of Wal-Mart I  feel tired.  Jake noted this the last time we were there together as I whined about feeling exhausted in the parking lot.  When I walked out of Super Target at Josey and 121 (or whatever 121’s new name is now) I was excited about my day cause I knew that any day that started off in a store like that was going to be good!


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