On Grocery Shopping Part II

Unless I am shopping at the fabulous Super Target at Josey & 121, I  inevitably become annoyed by how inefficient grocery shopping is.  If I’m at that lovely Target, I don’t really care because their design team is amazing.  But think about it.  By the time you go to the store, shop, pay and com home you have picked up your groceries about six times.  Six times!

First you pick up the items from the shelves of the store and place them into your basket.  Next you pick them up to put them on the check out conveyor belt.  Then you pick them up to place them back into your cart.  By now they are at least consolidated into some reusable grocery bags because you’re cool and eco friendly.  After that you pick up the bags and place them in your car.  When you get home you take them out of your car and put them on the floor or the counter.  Finally, you pick up the individual items and put them in your pantry and refrigerator.  It’s exhausting!

I propose an uber-cool store that let’s you scan items as you’re shopping and then just take your scanner to the front to pay.  That way you can pick up the items and put them right into your cool reusable bags, leave them there until you put them in your car and only unload them one time!  Am I the only one who thinks about these things?

And because this is really a photography blog and especially because I forgot to post a picture for On Grocery Shopping Part I, here is a picture of my hubby and my little guy playing in the street.  Cause we’re safe parents like that –




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3 responses to “On Grocery Shopping Part II

  1. sandi

    Albertson’s used to have a handheld scanner for you to scan your items as you placed them in your cart. When you got to the check out counter, it would sync with the register and you would be charged for those items. It didn’t catch on, and they discontinued the project.

  2. Jess B

    LOVE that picture! so sweet!

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