Car Wash

Today, Jake was home extra early from work and we had a nice family walk and then a nice family lunch.  Usually I do my photography work/editing during Shep’s nap in the mid afternoon, but since Jake was home I thought I could get in some extra work.  He was going out to wash the cars, taking Shep with him so that I could work undisturbed, but it was so dang cute, I couldn’t resist running out there and taking some video and pictures!

What you don’t see in my documentation was just as funny.  Shep likes to pretend to put soap or shampoo in his hands, rub them together and then ‘wash his hair.’  Well I was putting sunscreen on him and he wanted some in his hand.  I gave him some and told him to put it on his tummy, but instead he rubbed it in his hands and then rubbed it all over his hair.  Don’t worry, he also did this with the soap suds in the video =)  Kids are the best!




And my favorite –




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2 responses to “Car Wash

  1. coloringlife2009

    This truly is too cute for words. Which is why I am so glad you included pics and video. With moments like this, how do you ever frown? He’s a reason to keep a permanent smile! 😉

  2. This is just too cute!! totally makes me laugh! Shep is just so cute!

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