Here are some new things that I have come across recently that perhaps you might enjoy as well!

Music:  Kristene Mueller, Those Who Dream.  Ashley brought this album over for me to hear yesterday when she came over for Exercise Friday (more on that later), and I listened to it all afternoon.  It’s very relaxing and soothing!


Clothes:  323 Martin Flared Pant by Banana Republic.  I was in Banana the other day killing time and as I was walking out the door, I walked by these pants, picked them up and knew I had to buy them.  They are a great rise (ie, no crack), super cute and flattering and stretchy.  Seriously it feels like you’re wearing leggings!  I’m in LOVE.  I bought them in black, and will probably end up buying them in every color eventually.  PS, this picture doesn’t really do the pants justice.


Workout:  Jillian Michaels.  Holy crap.  Every week, my friend Ashley and I have Exercise Friday and we workout and eat lunch together.  Well recently we’ve been kinda weak with our workouts (‘Let’s just go for a walk…’).  So this week we decided to kick it up a notch.  We got on my OnDemand menu and found Jillian.  I’ve seen her on the Biggest Loser, so I knew I should be scared, but we picked the one called “Quick” something or other, so I thought, ‘Ok, no big, we can handle this.’ No.  No we could not.  First of all, our “Quick” workout was 40 minutes.  That may not be too long, but let’s remember, we’ve been taking 15 minute walks and calling it excercise…  We only made it 20 minutes through the workout, and that was using half the weights she was using (and we ditched the weights altogether after a while).  We were both strewn across the floor not sure if we would ever be able to pick ourselves up.  It was intense.


Movie:  Wall-E.  I know Wall-E isn’t a new movie, but recently, Shep has fallen in LOVE with it.  We watch about 20 minutes of Wall-E almost every single day.  It’s really cute when Shep tries to say “Waaall-Eeee.”  Right now, as I’m finishing this and Wall-E’s photo is up, he’s pointing and squealing.


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