Black and White in the Rain…

I’ve been shooting all RAW for some time now, and I have missed the beautiful in camera black and white images that my camera produces in jpeg mode.  There is just something wonderful to me about a black and white photo.  I’ve also been getting more confident with my in camera exposure, so today when it was a dark, rainy morning I knew it was the perfect time to enjoy taking some black and white jpegs of Shep!  It also helps that he is the world’s cutest little boy!  All of these images (unless otherwise noted) are straight out of the camera with no retouching or editing.  I love lifestyle baby photography!



Stepping down…


Checking it all out…




These next two were actually taken before I remembered to switch my camera from RAW to jpeg, so I did have to convert them to B&W.  Everything else was shot jpeg in camera.





Sweet little baby feet.



I’m so grateful for every minute I have with him!



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2 responses to “Black and White in the Rain…

  1. Laurie Witthoff

    Beautiful pictures, Beth. Shep is adorable and a great subject for you. You are a wonderful photographer. I enjoyed these pictures so much!

  2. coloringlife2009

    Most parents get a yearly portrait. You get moments. That’s the pleasure of being a photographer. And this particular set of moments are adorable. Yes, good lighting skills!

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