Oh Happy Day!

My sweet friends, Casey and Cheryl are going to be amazing parents.  They are so much fun, so laid back, are both such caring people, and Cheryl is probably one of the most amazing and selfless people I know.  That’s a recipe for a great parent if you ask me!  Their road to parenthood has taken a bit longer than they had thought it would, but that day finally came!  Yesterday, they welcomed their first baby into the world.  Jett Remington Haun was delivered via c-section from his birth mother about 12:30pm.  Jett was a highly anticipated baby.  I was there along with a whole truckload of family members in the waiting room, and I had to fight all of Jett’s grandma’s to get my photos in =)  Just kidding, I didn’t have to fight, but it was definitely a paparazzi moment when they wheeled him out so we could see him!  Cheryl got to be in the OR, but Casey was in the waiting room with the rest of the family members.  I was so honored to be there as he got to see his son for the very first time.  What a sweet, sweet moment!

The nurse let Cheryl hold him and pose for their first family photos before she took Jett into the nursery to do all of the tests and observations.  Cheryl got to go in and be with Jett during all the poking and prodding which was wonderful.  We all got to watch through the window while she talked to him and smiled at him, rubbed his sweet little toes with tears streaming down her face.  All babies are much anticipated (believe me I know, I’ve been nine months pregnant), but this was a different kind of anticipation, and I was honored to be there as the hopes and dreams of a family were realized.


Mommy holding baby for the first time =)


My favorite.  The, “Our baby is finally here, and we’re a family,” moment.




Family and friends who have been waiting for this day with Cheryl and Casey.


Sweet little baby feet!


“Honey” holding her newest grandbaby.


“Tatoo” – Y’all have the coolest grandparent names!


The man himself.



Hauns, I’m so so SO happy for you!  Jett, you are one loved baby!  Thanks for letting me be a part of such a beautiful day!


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One response to “Oh Happy Day!

  1. coloringlife2009

    I’m crying. I bet you’ve heard that about 50 times, right? Haha! But it’s true. They are tears of understanding. Tears of joy. Tears of victory, knowing that prayers were answered.

    That little boy means so much to this world. To our hearts. And you captured that worth well, Beth. 🙂

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