Project 1.27

This past week, my Uncle Rick was in town for a conference.  We went over to my parents’ house Saturday to have family breakfast and snap some photos of Rick.  He has a speaking engagement coming up and needed a new headshot.  Uncle Rick works for an organization called Project 1.27 that promotes awareness in churches about the need for adoptive families and produces adoptions in Colorado.

Their mission statement is –

Project 1.27 is “a Ministry from the Churches of Colorado to the Orphans of Colorado.”  In fulfillment of a Godly calling, we serve children by producing successful adoptions between families in church communities and legally free children in the Colorado foster care system. We recruit, train, and support adoptive parents, support teams, churches, counties, and other partners to provide hope for all children and benefit our state and society.

Isn’t that cool?  I’ve just been surrounded by adoption stories recently!  I think that adoption is such an amazing way to be used by God to change a life!





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  1. coloringlife2009

    God gave me a heart for adoption when I was a child, so I especially love what your uncle is doing!! 🙂

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