Ava Caroline

I’m so glad that my friends keep having babies!  It’s so nice of them – I get to snuggle them and I get to photograph them!  It’s great =)  Today, Shep and I ventured out to go visit Hannah, Jeremy and their sweet little Ava.  I put the address in my iPhone, and headed out remembering that Hannah had told me that it didn’t take too long.  After a while I’m thinking to myself, “Man, Hannah lied…this is taking forever!”  After about 45 minutes, I end up in Roanoke (they live in Grapevine!) and I knew something had gone wrong…  At first I assumed that it was me.  I mean let’s be honest, would you be shocked to hear that I occasionally zoom by my exit while jamming out to the radio?  No you wouldn’t.   But this time it really wasn’t my fault!  I told Jeremy what my iPhone GPS told me and he said it was wrong!  Score for Beth!

Anyway, we finally made it and had a great time hanging out.  Shep learned that we don’t poke babies on their head.  And he also demonstrated fantastic selflessness by continally trying to give Ava bites of his snacks.  Hannah looked fantastic as usual (do you remember her maternity pictures?).  She was in labor for over 30 hours and delivered Ava at home!!!  Isn’t that amazing?  Anyway, if you have actually read all of this text and not skipped down to see the cute baby, you must really like to read…  So without further ado –





*baby voice* Sweet little baby  yawns!




There’s Shep trying to give her a cracker.





Mmmm!!!!!  I love little babies!!!!!  Congratulations to the Tallos and the Chapmans!


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2 responses to “Ava Caroline

  1. coloringlife2009

    I actually did read it, not just look at the pictures. Haha! What precious shots Beth. Especially the one of her smiling. I would definitely use that one for a baby announcement. As always, beautiful set – all around!

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