Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!  I’m sitting at my desk listening to the raaaaain outside, and there is a sort of crisp cool (by crisp I mean 75% humidity instead of 100% humidity) breeze coming in through the open back door.

Below is another one of my favorite photos.  It is of my grandparents on their double bicycle that Grandpa built!  Isn’t that great?  My Grandpa was the coolest, and Granny is still the coolest, she’s coming in town for her 80th birthday and we can’t wait!

I wanted to update you on a couple of things.

#1) My mopping stuff that I talked about on Tuesday – totally works!  I used it and it was great, just squirted it on the floor and mopped with no rinsing and no bucket!  Fantastic!

#2) Remember I told you that Shep is in love with Wall-e?  Well we went to Blockbuster the other day to get a movie for an at home date night.  Sure enough on a very low shelf were the collection of Wall-e DVDs.  Shep runs over to them all excited, starts yelling, “Waaaaaa-weeeee!!!” in his sweet little baby voice and promptly picks up three copies.  He then proceeds to go running around the store while Jake chased after him.  We convinced him to put Wall-e back and he set the DVDs down only to pick up three other copies and repeat the process, much to the entertainment of everyone in the store.

#3)  I’m getting some really fun entries for my contest!  Keep em coming!  Don’t forget to tell me the story behind the photos you send and remember you can send as many as you want.  I of all people understand that it’s impossible to pick just one favorite photo.  I’ll continue to show you my favorites photos all throughout the week!

And now I’m going to turn my computer off and unplug it in case the power goes out!  Happy Monday!



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