Hair Mask

Ok so I was reading this week’s installment of Gwynneth Paltrow’s Goop newsletter and she had some of her favorite hair and makeup people give advice.  Harry Josh said that you should take half a cup of olive oil and “work it through dry hair,” letting it sit in your hair all day long and then shampooing at night.

Well I am here to tell you.

A half a cup of olive oil is  a LOT of oil.  And I have really long hair!  Harry promised that after a while it would start to absorb…I’m about 2 hours into this oil fest and my whole entire body is now fully moisturized from the oil that is dripping off my head and I’m now moving on to laying on the leather couch so it can get a nice conditioning as well…

Crossing my fingers for silky smoothness and not dripping greasiness tomorrow =|

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